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  1. 40.9 40,90 лв.
    Слушалки TRUST GXT 310 Gaming Headset Soft and comfortable over-ear pads, Adjustable headband, 1m Cable for consoles, 1m Extension cable for PC/Laptop... Вижте повече
  2. 50.9 50,90 лв.
    Слушалки Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 360 Ion Gaming Headset, Inline stereo amplifier with independent audio and chat controls, Lightweight yet powerful, Noise-cancelling microphone, Distinctive gaming audio wherever you play... Вижте повече
  3. 53.9 53,90 лв.
    Слушалки TRUST GXT 322 Dynamic Headset - black Comfortable meshed ear pads for long and intense gaming sessions, Adjustable headband, On-earcap volume control and microphone mute, 2m Anti-tangle nylon braided cable for PC usage.... Вижте повече

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