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  1. 17.9 17,90 лв.
    Слушалки Gembird GHS-01 Gaming headset with volume control, black/red Gaming headset with rotating microphone boom Adjustable headband and comfortable large ear cushions Suitable for use with most (gaming) desktops and laptops... Вижте повече
  2. 40.9 40,90 лв.
    Слушалки TRUST GXT 310 Gaming Headset Soft and comfortable over-ear pads, Adjustable headband, 1m Cable for consoles, 1m Extension cable for PC/Laptop... Вижте повече
  3. 50.9 50,90 лв.
    Слушалки Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 360 Ion Gaming Headset, Inline stereo amplifier with independent audio and chat controls, Lightweight yet powerful, Noise-cancelling microphone, Distinctive gaming audio wherever you play... Вижте повече

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